On “Homage to Catalonia”

Book, Homage to Catalonia

If it feels that history is in a loop…

Of course 1984 is the more popular work. Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia is just as powerful a story with the veils of fiction stripped away. The work may not be widely recognized today by those outside of academic literary criticism, but for me it remains a work that in many ways acknowledges and celebrates life and fear, strength and weaknesses, the balances of light and darkness of the human soul.

Maybe it is because Barcelona has been on my mind.

Events during the last few weeks typically bring me back to the human condition and element. It was, perhaps, the needless bloodshed of innocent life during the Barcelona attacks in August that brought the book to the forefront again. Barcelona, where Orwell seems to find himself with internal conflict over the equality [of men]. Yes, the central elements are different from the purpose of the terrorism attacks, but the location is the same and that is what made me think of Homage to Catalonia.

The revolutionary within Orwell is the protagonist that this reflective piece needs and deserves. It’s also the one that we need and deserve today.

(This is part of The Daily Prompt challenge: homage)