NPR’s @samsanders breaks it down

If you listen to NPR podcasts, Sam Sanders’ voice and perspective are not a surprise. He delivers honest opinions, perspectives, and challenges for deeper, more meaningful answers. But this week might surprise you –  that is, if you haven’t been listening to him for a while.

On the August 14th It’s Been a Minute With Sam Sanders podcast, Sam and his guests tackle an all-too-common problem with discussing racial tensions and hate crimes…by talking only to white people about Charlottesville. Yes, you read that right.

Why you want to listen:

  • You consider yourself a white ally
  • You are a person of color and are tired of having to explain your position to others
  • You aren’t sure how to unload your feelings and thoughts

Why you don’t want to listen:

  • You consider yourself a white ally who already knows everything about people of color
  • You are looking to share your experiences as an oppressed white person
  • You have nothing else to learn about race relations and U.S. history

On second thought, those are all reasons you should listen to this podcast.

By far one of the best podcasts I’ve heard all year. It’s Been a Minute With Sam Sanders: Charlottesville and White People