3. Contact Me

Hi there…I’d LOVE to hear from you(!!!)

The Conversation Starter: Act 1, Scene 1:

By Oscar

Me: Who says the art of conversation is lost? Let’s prove that wrong!
You: Let’s do it! But how?

Oscar sitting on rock bench.

Good question…given that we are in such a digital and technical world, we could use one good old fashioned Social Media? Or…we could go the formal route where you fill out this very, very, very brief Contact Form and I email you back? After we get started, we could Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, do a Google Hangout…or even…I know…wait for it, use our mobile devices to text or call each other?

What should we talk about?

Well, pretty much anything. We could talk about our favorite types of coffee…or things that are making us happy and productive, like books, articles, film, or podcasts.

Ohhh…and because I also do consulting work, we could talk about finding ways of teaming up on projects, program or department assessment, multi/intercultural development, team leadership development. I typically team up with a handful of clients each year, so your project gets full attention and focus from me (and from my teammates).